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Here at Nature's Poetry Floral Design, we don't simply provide flowers for our Brides. We create art. We bring dreams to reality. We design our flowers with every detail in mind- every color and every flower is chosen with a specific purpose and meaning.   Our prices begin at $2,000 but we do not keep to set packages as every proposal is custom created to fit every wedding individually.


step one: tell us about yourself!

Fill out the questionnaire below and tell us about yourself! We are passionate about knowing our brides, so that every piece of work created is custom to each bride!


step two: coffee

My brides are far more than just my clients. They become my friends. Gathering around a table for a cup of coffee is one of life's most magical things. Its there life is shared, and friends are made. And if you don't like coffee..well it will take a moment to get over that, but I guess I can treat you to a cup of tea...


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step three: wedding proposal

After we meet with a Bride, it will take 5-7 business days for us to get back with the proposal. The proposal will consist of the rough draft of wedding flowers, along with projected prices. At this point, if a bride needs to shift things around to work under a specific budget, we would be more than happy to find alternate flowers or pieces to be sure everything is exactly the way she would like. 

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