Sometimes you just want people to shoot straight with you-- Especially when you're planning your wedding. My goal on this page is to help you understand flowers and their prices, so you can feel more prepared when meeting with your florist. 

On average, brides spend 20% of their wedding budget on flowers. Knowing your budget can help you find a florist that best fits you.

Most wedding flowers don't come in packages as other vendors are able to create, because they are made with the types of flowers and quantity you're needing in mind!  Proposals are often created to show a detailed and precise outline of each arrangement and piece needed- prices come from the types of flowers chosen, the amount of help needed, and to the extent of design work put in them to make your day absolutely perfect.

Here at Nature's Poetry Floral Design, our proposals are intricatly put together so you can be confident in knowing what you're paying for. Design is an extremely important aspect of what we do here, so our pieces are specifically designed with you in mind. That's why our Brides aren't just clients, they are our friends! 

On average, our weddings are between $3,000- $6,000, with our minimum being $2,000.  We would be happy to give you a quote, if you make your way over to the "weddings" page and fill out a survey about you and your wedding