5 September 2020

Meet the Owner

Hey there!

My name is Lexi, and I own close to 50 summer dresses, and when asked my favorite flower I either say Sunflowers, Poppies, or Ranunculus (depending on my mood). I have always loved flowers, and I made a point in college to always have fresh ones in my room-which began my flower budget. Every week I had money set aside to splurge on flowers. After college this tradition continued, and I'd like to say I always kept to that budget, exemplifying all that my dear parents taught me...but I didn't. On multiple occasions I'd come home with a chunk of my weekly grocery budget spent on too many flowers. Flowers to me have always been grace. Fresh air to my lungs. Rest to my soul. They lift a spirit and bring color to dull days. They tell a story and sing a song, living on far past their fading beauty. In 2017, my floral journey began in a tiny, local floral shop where the kindest woman took me under her wing and poured her knowledge into me. Not long into that journey, I left that shop and began my own business as a wedding floral designer.

How we got our name

Nature's Poetry came from my deep passion for both flowers and poetry. As I began my business, I wrestled with what to name it, wanting my name to encompass who I am and everything this business stands for. To me, flowers tell a story. They are used in life’s biggest events— from the celebration of a new birth, to filling the arms of a bride on her wedding day. We even use them to remember and celebrate our loved ones when they pass on.  When I design flowers, I get to write a story for my clients. And my hope is that when they see their flowers, they see themselves; every flower was specifically chosen to tell of who they are.  As I wrestled through every name imaginable, nothing seemed to fit, so I thought and I prayed. One day in the middle of December, I received a book of poetry in the mail from a stranger. This book brought me to tears, and as I opened it and poured into the pages, I knew what the name had to be. These pages were filled with poems about flowers from the 1800's. Timeless beauty. Utterly glorious. These beautiful flowers minister so deeply to my soul, and write a poem on my heart. Each one touching me and changing me. These flowers are nature's poetry-- there for all who dare to lend an ear, for all who dare to slow down and listen. From this, my business came to life. Everyday I pray my art writes a story on peoples' hearts. That they look at their hand-designed flowers and see not only flowers, but a story written especially for them.

Everyday I pray my art writes a story on peoples' hearts. That they look at their hand-designed flowers and see not only flowers, but a story written especially for them.

Our Jewelry

November 2019, I started a new venture in Nature’s Poetry! I created a jewelry line using dried flowers. With a passion for flowers and a desire to preserve them, I created a line that allows you to carry flowers with you every day. Not only do we have pre-designed collections, but we also do custom work. Our custom work allows you to send in special blooms that we turn into a keepsake! Don’t have your flowers anymore? That's okay! We can also remake your bouquet into a keepsake if you send us a photo! My desire with this jewelry line is to create keepsake jewelry from flowers, so you can enjoy them long after they have died. My hope is as they hang around the necks of people across the world, the flowers bring back the most special memories surrounding them. From funerals to weddings, we use flowers to mourn and celebrate, and here at Nature’s Poetry we want to capture those holy moments and preserve them for you!