Hey there! My name is Lexi, and I am the owner and designer of Nature's Poetry Floral Design. I was born in the great state of New York to two of the greatest humans- I call them Fast Eddie and Mama Linda (if you stick around long, you will surely get to know them also). I have three strong older brothers, who love me well and have been some of my greatest encouragement in this journey, and along with them I have three of the most precious sister in laws and little nieces and nephews.  In college I studied intercultural studies and have a deep passion for the world, which sprouted from my love for Jesus.  Jesus changed my life when I was young, and he is forever the heartbeat of my life. 

 I own close to 50 summer dresses, and when asked my favorite flower I either say Sunflowers, Poppies, or Ranunculus (depends on my mood). I love to be home where my bedroom is filled with plants, and I almost always have music playing. I have far too many books to read, and still I go to the library and check out more.  I have always loved flowers, and I made a point in college to always have fresh ones in my room- which began my flower budget. Every week I had money set aside to splurge on flowers. After college this tradition continued, and I'd like to say that I kept to that budget, exemplifying all that my dear parents taught me, but I didn't. On multiple occasions I'd come home with a chunk of my weekly grocery budget spent on too many flowers. Flowers to me have always been grace. Fresh air to my lungs, and rest to my soul. They lift a spirit, and bring color into those dull days. They tell a story and sing a song- living on far past their fading beauty. 

Why the name?

Nature's Poetry was came out of my deep passion for flowers and poetry. As I began my business I wrestled with what to name it, wanting my name to encompass who I am and what I want this business to stand for.  As I said before, flowers are not simply a colorful object plucked from the ground to fill a brides hands on her wedding day. Flowers are to tell a story, one in which I get to write.  As I wrestled through every name imaginable nothing seemed to stick. I thought and I prayed. One day in the middle of December, I received a book in the mail. This book brought me to tears, and as I opened it and poured myself into the pages I knew what the name had to be. You see, poetry has always ministered to my heart. If I wasn't writing it, then I was reading it, and if I didn't have time to read it then I listened to it. These pages were filled with poems about flowers from the 1800's. Timeless beauty. Utterly glorious. These beautiful flowers minister so deeply to my soul, and write a poem on my heart. Each one touching me and changing me. These very flowers are nature's poetry- there for all who dare to lend an ear; for all who dare to slow down and listen. So out of that, my business came to life. Everyday I pray my art writes a story on peoples heart. That they would look at their hand designed flowers and not only see flowers, but see a story written especially for them.